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Abaya Designs By Akhawat

Unique, beautiful, and glamorous, our abaya designs are crafted to deliver style and panache that never fails to reflect the beauty of the wearer. We capture the essence of what true splendor is: innovative design without any compromise. Our designs are new, exciting and gracefully exquisite.

Abayas can look as stylish and glamorous as the people who wear them. What Akhawat does is use subtlety and elegance to convey beauty. Our attention to detail, in-house work, fabrics, and bespoke abaya designs are what make us so special. Our delicate hand crafted embroidery and artistic finery brings a new dimension to this style of clothing.

We use top quality luxury fabrics for our clothing: the finest raw silks, Indian and Japanese crepes, and chiffons for our hand woven designs. We accessorize with the highest quality diamantes, crystals and stones, all beautifully packaged and delivered direct to your door.

We’re the first clothing company in the west to launch bespoke design and sizing for luxury abayas. We offer a myriad of choices when it comes to quality fabrics and designs. Supposing different combinations, preferences, fittings and sizes, the amount of freedom you have to express yourself is almost limitless.

Akhawat’s philosophy: to offer beauty without limitations.


  • purple label collection thumbnail

    Signature Collection

    Hand embroidered and elegant embellishments delivered on sumptuous, soft fabrics. Designed for those who live for luxury and appreciate attention to detail. The Signature Collection abayas are intricate and masterful works of art and ideal for that special occasion. View Signature Abaya Designs

  • Purple Label

    The modest beauty of the Purple Label range manages to paint a vibrant picture without being too bold. Bringing a touch of colour, these fun and fashionable designs allow you to express your individual style. They can add and edge to your outfit or can be jazzed up to wear for a special occasions, whatever and whenever the event. View Purple Label Abaya Designs

  • Noir Collection

    These discreet designs speak volumes without being too loud. The Noir Collection puts a stylish twist on the standard black abaya. They are carefully crafted, comfortable; with an element of embellishment that simply look as good as they feel. View Noir Abaya Designs